Multifandom Doodles

These are all quick watercolour and ink doodles.  The first, The Plants Need Me is a doodle of a ghost who still has things she must be getting on with.

This is Transformation, a pencil and watercolour doodle of Léonie de Saint-Vire from Georgette Heyer’s These Old Shades, shown, first, as a ragged and fearful boy, and later as a lady in a beautiful eighteenth-century gown.

Shadow and Flame
Far into the blue shadows where strange things lurk, she wanders, fearless and alone…

In the gloom of the deep forest, flame comes to her bidding, holds its fierce golden heart contained for her comfort. She builds a house for herself in an hour.  Who is it here that is strange and terrifying, filled with powers beyond imagining?

Up She Rises
Sailor looks down, merperson comes up.

A Silmarillion doodle with Maglor, one of my favorite characters, and Ulmo, lord of the Sea.

Oh no, another complaint?
Ea-Nasir, the famously dodgy copper merchant of Ancient Ur, adds to his collection.