Pleco Locathah

Three sailfin / armoured catfish style Locathah with spots, painted in a watercolour style. One is brandishing a sword.

I drew some D&D Locathah. The official Locathah art makes this people look like a kind of catfish, but I decided it would be fun if my Locathah were based on the sailfin, or armoured catfish (or ‘plecos’ – the kind people keep in tanks). So my Locathah are covered in spots and have sucker-faces.

The real life sailfin catfish uses a modified stomach to ‘breathe’ with, allowing it to live out of the water for up to 20 hours. This is better than the fictional Locathah can do: Locathah generally need to return to the water after 4 hours, according to my copy of “Ghosts of Saltmarsh”.

Sailfin catfish can walk on land, at up to 2.3 mph, and their unique gait is called ‘reffling’.

However, they are freshwater fish, so probably not suitable for a saltmarsh environment. I might need to draw some more maritime catfish Locathah!