The capture of Maedhros : small inkpencil painting


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But even in the hour of the death of Fëanor an embassy came to his sons from Morgoth, acknowledging defeat, and offering terms, even to the surrender of a Silmaril. Then Maedhros the tall, the eldest son, persuaded his brothers to feign to treat with Morgoth, and to meet his emissaries at the place appointed; but the Noldor had as little thought of faith as had he. Wherefore each embassy came with greater force than was agreed; but Morgoth sent the more, and there were Balrogs. Maedhros was ambushed, and all his company were slain; but he himself was taken alive by the command of Morgoth, and brought to Angband.

– The Silmarillion

This painting/drawing is just 15cm by 20cm, and was created using Derwent Inktense pencils on Bockingford 300g acid free watercolour paper.  These pencils create wonderful watercolour-like effects when used with a water wash, but are ink-like rather than watercolour-like once dry – they don’t run if you re-wet them, so I can build up interesting layers of colour.